Hi from Tommy & Chloe now back skiing in France We will miss them this winter _ practise making crepes for our club day during the season . We must keep the tradition 

Volunteer at Snow Farm 

Snow Farm Volunteers

The Snow Farm will be operating with a much smaller team this winter to meet the reduced market, and we really need volunteers to make it work. We are hoping to have your support and if you can spare a morning or an afternoon once a week, it will make a world of difference to the Snow Farm this winter. Also if you volunteer, and then life intervenes and you can’t make it on your scheduled day, we will totally understand. As long as we know you won’t be making it, we can adapt. 

You can register your desire to help us this winter by filling in the form on this link. 


The form asks quite a few questions to help us understand what you would like to do and when you can do it. Your help will make this season one to remember! There will be benefits for everyone who helps out so go ahead and fill out the form now.